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"I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful Restorative workshop on Friday night. It was the perfect close to what has been a very busy couple of weeks and truly let me shut my mind down and enjoy my weekend. My sleep for the entire weekend was significantly improved as was my general energy levels."

"Thank you for a beautiful Restorative workshop last night. Friday evenings are a great way to finish the week and calm down before the weekend kids sport / activities kick in. 2 hours seemed like 40 minutes! Many thanks to you & Anne."

"Thanks for great GENTLE classes on Saturday mornings. I appreciate the sensitivity and lightness to your class style."

"Great to be back at Yogabowl - the nurturing atmosphere you create is so very special."

"Again I stepped out of my comfort zone and tried a new class and a new teacher. Today I'm grateful for Thursday morning Yoga. Today's class was led by Ange she is a beautiful teacher I feel so calm and centred. Loved her class, hopefully I'll go to another one again soon. Mitch you really do have amazing teachers. Again I state if in doubt and want to go try Yoga you really can't go wrong with Yogabowl ~ Corporate & Yoga Services! I'm putting Ange's May course on the wish list."

"At the beginning of class you asked us to listen to our hearts and our breath. Mine were both quivering like frightened animals. At the end - no quivering! I had the best 'straight thru' sleep last night, in a very long time. Thank you Mitch."

"Moving to the Tennis club will be so much better, I am really looking forward to it. I have done a few classes there and really liked it. I really like Yogabowl and think it is the best yoga school with the best teachers on the Lower North Shore."

"I just wanted to tell you how much I loved the Gentle Yoga class on Saturday morning. It was beautiful, just what I needed - so kind to my body and so nurturing. Thank you also for the time and special care you took in setting up my props during the class. I felt like the class was so healing both physically and emotionally. Thank you again"

"I'm writing to say how much I loved the Restorative Workshop yesterday. It was beyond fabulous. Thank you (and Jo) for your generosity and talents – it was divine to be on the receiving end of such love and skill."

"Thank you for your assistance earlier today. I'm happy to say my daughter really enjoyed tonight's Teens Yoga class. At pick up she was telling me how relaxing and peaceful the class was and how great she felt. She would love to continue with the classes. So glad I discovered you today."

"Thank you so much for this morning's beautiful Restorative practice. It was amazing and i feel recharged and ready to face whatever craziness the week ahead can throw at me! I hope to be back again soon."

"The Corporate Meditation session was the best part of our Mental Health Awareness day. Thanks for teaching me how to quieten the internal chatter."
A, Sparke Helmore.

"My golf swing has really improved since starting Yoga. So thanks."
Gary, Ernst & Young.

"Thank you for bringing Corporate Yoga to our workplace. Even though our class is a mixed level group, each and every one of us have benefited greatly."
Leanne, Transgrid.

"What a wonderful way to spend a lunch-hour doing Corporate Yoga. You guys really know your stuff and are doing great work."
Lucy, CBA.

"The free trial class this morning was WONDERFUL, and your customer service is spot on. We look forward to dealing with you."
Kersten, Jones-Davis.

"You cannot believe how much more relaxed and focussed I am when I return to work after your classes. Thank you for bringing Yoga to our workplace."
Margaret, CBA

"You touch people's lives every day. The way that you care for your students, encourage them to grow, be with themselves, know themselves, and be kind to themselves makes a huge difference to people's lives. It has made a huge difference to me. And I'm so glad that I know you."
(Kept Anonymous)

"Thank you, thank you, thank you … I am re-focussed, re-purposed, re-born because of your wonderful Yoga classes. :)"

"Thanks for all your efforts in bringing good people together through Yogabowl. Keep up the good work."

"Your Restorative Yoga workshop may the best way to spend Sunday morning ever. Thanks, it was wonderful."

"I feel very lucky to have such fantastic yoga teachers at our local bowling club and have really enjoyed practising yoga with you over the last 10 years - with hopefully many more to come."

"Congratulations on a wonderful milestone. If we could count how many peoples lives you had single-handedly improved with your amazing energy and shiny love it would be a lot!"

"10 years is a great achievement and I am grateful to the day and the good fortune, that lead my footsteps to your Yoga."

"Congratulations on your 10th Birthday. I have enjoyed every class I have attended over the years. I wish you and your team all the very best and many more successful years."

"Congrats on your fantastic achievement - you should be immensely proud of yourself & everything you've done over the last 10 years."

"I feel so grateful for Yogabowl and all that you and your team offer in such a gentle, caring and engaging way."

"I do very much enjoy the Sunday evening class with Ann. She is a lovely teacher - considerate and understanding."

"My friend is loving your Gentle class. He said it’s new to connect with his body, but he likes it. You’re such an incredible teacher - thank you for creating a class that is so welcoming and embracing for everyone. "

"Jo is a wonderful teacher, full of knowledge, compassion and warmth. I have learnt heaps."
(Beginner Course Student)

"Jo is terrific. I really appreciated her gentle approach, work-at-your-pace or to your-own- body. I would definitely recommend this class to others."
(Gentle Course student)

"Jo brings an amazing sense of calm and reassurance while being completely down to earth and authentic. Every week there was something she would say which just spoke to where I was at. She gave very clear direction and was great at explaining the little things so make sure we got the details right. I am so thankful to her for sharing her love of yoga with us in such an accessible way."
(Beginner Course student)

"Mitch, you have created a true community with Yogabowl."

"I would just like to thank Mitch for Gentle on Tuesday morning. The ribs, isolators and concert music (well that's what I'm calling the session!) made yesterday's class possibly THE BEST YOGA CLASS I have ever attended. Thank you!! Because all parents need a holiday after the holidays."

""Mitch, you are gorgeous and an inspiration. You are one of those people who makes the lives of those you touch richer, in a very beautiful and human way.""

"I think Darshna is wonderful Meditation teacher. I have tried to meditate before with no success, but your guidance has been very important and I'm pleased to have participated. I'd recommend your classes to anyone."

"I have a tendency to just think I'm doing okay and I'll get through the week .......then I take part in that amazing 2 hour Restorative workshop and am reminded of how much I needed to get back on the mat. It's so good - and so is the sleep that follows. Thanks, see you soon xx"

"I truly loved the Restorative Workshop, and still feeling it after three days. Please book me in for the next one!"

"Thank you for your wonderful Yoga classes - it's been transformative for me this year. You provide a very safe & nurturing environment for us to find ourselves."

"Thanks for the lovely welcome back this morning. I had such great time and loved the class."

"Oh. my. god. I can barely speak. That was beyond amazing - thank you so much."
O (Post-Restorative Workshop)

"I feel like a layer of my brain has just .... gone away."
Angela (post-Restorative workshop)

"I’m floating through my Monday after Teens Yoga the night before."
Olivia (Teenager)

"My teenage daughter absolutely loves Teens Yoga on Sunday afternoons.  She comes home glowing after her yoga practice.  I am so happy for her.  Anne (the teacher) has been great."
Anon (Mum of Teenager)

"Thank you for being such an amazing yoga teacher. You have such a gift."

"I found the Restorative session absolutely wonderful! It was relaxing and I definitely felt pampered. Highly recommend it to others. Your soothing voice nearly lulled me to sleep!!"

"Many thanks to you both for such a blissful Restorative Yoga session. I really felt so relaxed and happy afterwards - I felt like I was floating! You are both so attentive and seem to have that wonderful skill of knowing what we need before we even know we need it."

"The Wed 7pm beginner course was a wonderful introduction to yoga - and helped me overcome my reservation that I might not be sufficiently fit or spiritual to get into it. I loved the content - the exercises were within my reach and I also appreciated Jo's ability to adapt the practice to everyone's individual body and capacity. The atmosphere was nurturing and encouraging and Jo's expertise very valuable. I always left feeling relaxed and fabulous. Many many thanks - I will be back!"

"The Wed 7pm Beginner course with Jo was particularly good. I enjoyed the way that it progressed. Although, it was aimed at beginners, I found the poses sufficiently challenging and the environment encouraging and supportive. After each week I had an extraordinary feeling of wellbeing and peace that I was able to carry with me into the following days. I have attended yoga classes in the past but had never really derived such a sense of satisfaction with the practice before."

"Thanks so much for the class this morning. It was just what I had been looking forward to. After more than a year with no yoga during my pregnancy and looking after a newborn, it was great to be back."

"Thank you so much to you and Mary for the beautiful Restorative workshop. I really appreciate the love and support you provided to Mum - she absolutely loved it and I got so much more out of the class knowing she was well looked after."

"I really enjoyed the Restorative Workshop on Sunday and had the deepest sleep I have had in a long time that evening, so I will be signing up for more Restorative in the future."

"Your classes are so appreciated. We are all lucky you set up Yogabowl."

"So glad we have you in our lives, Mitch - you do wonderful things for the earth and the people in it x"

"Thank you for running an excellent Yoga school."

"I love the 6:30am early class on Thursdays, it is a great and calming way to start the day."

"Don't ever feel that your efforts are not appreciated - you positively influence more people than you can imagine!"

"Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your teaching, wisdom, encouragement and love have lifted me up."

"Thank you so much for such wonderful Yoga. The thought, care, detail and love you put into every class shine through and make it the special sanctuary that it is."

"Thank you for providing this source of nurturing, or to quote you, "self cafe" which is profoundly important to our ongoing health & wellbeing."

"I have to tell you that I'm loving Debbie's 6:30am class. As much as I dislike getting up so early, it is worth it for the obvious benefits that we know & love, but Debbie is great."

"Thank you for the warm welcome today - first time I've felt so welcomed at a yoga class. I thoroughly enjoyed the deep stretching."

"What a delicious journey Yoga has been this year under your guidance. Your precise attention to details (but yet with a sense of humor), sandwiched between the warmth and the caring nature that you exhibit as an insightful instructor have led us to appreciate and enjoy our yoga practice in ways we could only have dreamt of when we started our yoga journey back in March this year - and for that we have You to thank for."
Ben & Nancy

"You and your cleverly disarming playlists, sheesh :)"

"Thought you might appreciate some feedback after your instructions on the Sciatica stretch last week. I have been practicing this stretch everyday x 2 and have noticed a considerable decrease in the pain. I've had ongoing Sciatica pain since January, though since doing that stretch at home, the pain has mostly gone. Of course my practice is not as precise as your instructions but it's really helping. Thanks once again."

"Thanks so much for all that you do for us in class. We are indeed fortunate."

"Wonderful, wonderful 1-day retreat. Thank you soooo much for being so caring, loving, inspirational and such a brilliant yoga teacher."

"Thank you for a lovely relaxing practice this morning. It felt very luxurious and perfect antidote to this time of year."

"You have given me so much support and spiritual guidance in my yoga journey. I am truly going to miss you and I really hope our paths cross again."

"I can't believe I actually made it happen - two yoga classes in a row, and not just any yoga but Mitch's yoga. I didn't realise how much I'd missed you! You're a wonderful teacher and your music is such a great addition but it's not even that, it must be some kind of cosmic connection that I feel with you because in your yoga class is the only place that I feel good about myself, or at least not feel bad about myself! I don't mean for that to sound dramatic but more often than not I feel like I'm too fat, that I've upset someone, not been a patient enough mum, etc., but when I'm in YOUR class I feel like I am ok being me. Thank you for letting me be me."

"Thank you so much for that wonderful experience of Restorative Yoga. I found it was very calming and relaxing and just what I needed. Thanks to your assistant, Mary too - who was like an angel who appeared at just the right time to cover me up or adjust me."

"I don't know what I would have done or who I would be without you and Yogabowl!"

"Great Yoga teacher with the heart & soul in YOGA practice."

"I really enjoyed the class last Saturday. I love your style of teaching and certainly felt like you must have been reading my mind when you described what we might be feeling or thinking!"

"Thank you soooo much for your care of me at class yesterday it was really beautiful."

"Vicky class this morning was simply excellent. It was a great mix of stretching, strength, core and balance practice. Added bonus was her gentle and calming demeanour."
Ben and Nancy

"2 hours of blissful uninterrupted Yin yoga today....feeling bendy, fantastic and ready to tackle what will be a very BIG week. It was intense but in a fabulous 'I really need more of this' way. If you are near Lane Cove go and check out one of these awesome classes. Sooooooo good!"

"I think you're a wonderful teacher Mitch, with a very special way of connecting with your students. To have your support and encouragement with my Yoga Teacher Training, is something I'm really grateful for."

"The feedback was really positive. The team got a lot from the Corporate Yoga session. Please pass on our thanks to the teacher."
Crista, BT Financial Group

"Thanks so much for a lovely Restorative workshop. I hardly ever take time out for me, and as a mother of 3 young children I always have someone with me (even when going to the bathroom!) Didn't know I needed this 2 hrs so much, really pleased I did it. That 2 hrs will get me through the next week till I can fit your next class into my crazy schedule."

"Feelin' all loved up after taking class with Mitch. Sigh ~ Everyone should get to experience the way she teaches self nurturing... Go see her at Yogabowl ~ we could all do with a little bit of that."

"As a former yoga student of Mitch, all I can say is that she sets the standard for every yoga teacher I have been looking for since. I had the honour of being her student for a little over a year - though having relocated recently, no teacher has come remotely close. She has ruined me for the better and my body misses her classes. :) She is so kind and patient and encouraging for any student looking to learn yoga; yet she knows just how much to push you to go that little bit further. Her intuitive teaching style and attentive eye, makes you feel like you are having a one on one class with her, never mind the fact that there might be 20 other people in the room. Every yoga student should have a teacher like Mitch at least once in their lifetime. If I was back down in Sydney, I'd be at her classes every weekend in Lane Cove. If I had the authority in my workplace, I'd have Mitch giving my co-workers a lunchtime yoga class (but I don't). In a world of increased sedentary lifestyles and employment, yoga is necessary for good health. If you have always wanted to learn yoga, go to Mitch. I'm not kidding."

"It's not very often a Yoga pass doesn't expire. Really nice thing to do."

"Thanks, I loved the free trial class and it was amazing to feel like my body had been woken up! It's true - it really looks after our minds, body and soul. I'm looking forward to my next class."

"Trish did it again! Todays Yin workshop was great! Thanks for organising... I've been gliding around in my yoga cocoon all day. Ps. We'll need to fix the clock in the yoga room...that couldn't have been 2 hours ;-)"

"Thank you so much for another wonderful class this morning. The good news is that my husband had no idea what to expect - and he truly enjoyed it. If I can get him to yoga periodically it would be a huge benefit. Thanks again - I always feel so good after your class!"

"You have created a lovely warm and safe yoga space."

"Thank you so much for a wonderful term! I've found the (Corporate Yoga0 sessions so relaxing and look forward to the next term."

"Thank you so much for the wonderful experience I had in the 5-Star Restorative Workshop last Sunday! I felt the nurturing, lightness of my being & the lovely energy in the room. Mary was such a wonderful presence, she looked after me! I am looking forward to next month's workshop."

"Thank you again for a wonderful yoga lesson. It was so relaxing and revitalising!!!!"

"Thank you for looking after us and sharing your knowledge with us so generously in your workshops."

"I really needed to thank both you and Jolie for such an excellent grounding in Yoga. Between learning Yoga for the first time with you and attending Advance classes with Jolie – not to mention the amazing Restorative practices – you have “educated” me in Yoga in such a full and rounded way, I can hold my own anywhere. And it means I can enjoy any class, whatever the “style” and whatever poses they throw at me. So thank you both."

"You have a very special way about you, and your classes are truly inspirational. Thank you for just being you."

"Your classes have taught me to take some much needed time out to be grateful for the strengths of my body and soul. I am looking forward to next term."

"Love my (corporate) yoga and remind myself (and friends) how privileged we are to have such a great instructor. "

"I can't remember a time when I felt so good at the end of the day! (re: 1-day Restorative Retreat)"

"Thank you for such a great introduction to yoga. I really did enjoy the class. Today I can really feel the effects in my hips. Looking forward to the next class."

"I am thankful and grateful to you for organsing such a wonderful 1-day Retreat. One colleague said, "No wonder you look so relaxed today". Thanks again."

"Thanks so much for the 1-day Retreat yesterday. I got comments from several people at work, on how relaxed I looked today."

"I have well and truly had my abs rediscovered. Wow Wow Wow - I can't even blow my nose without wincing... but it feels great! (post Core Strength class)"

"An hour and a half of pure restorative magic. Mitch, yr a magic woman."

"I really enjoyed the Prenatal classes. It was amazing to be able to go to such a warm, safe sanctuary once a week. They truly helped me through my pregnancy and birth."

"Our prenatal yoga sessions together were really helpful. Thanks so much for your help - it really made a difference to my birth experience."

"Thank you so much for yesterdays sacroiliac practice, Mitch. My back feels sooooo good today – I feel aligned for the first time in a very long time, and no pain. You are a genius!"

"Thank you for such a wonderful Restorative practice on Sunday. I walked away feeling more loved, cherished and rejuvenated than I have in a long time!"
(Name withheld)

"I thought I should let you know, how much I enjoy classes with Monica. She's fantastic!!! It's great as well having a teacher that can look after pregnant women. I feel like getting a good work out in all safety."

"I have to say, you have been a godsend for me since i moved to Sydney. thanks to your yoga classes, and the lovely way you present to us all."

"My golf swing has really improved since I started yoga."

"Your classes have given me the peace of mind, clarity and courage to wean myself off my anti-anxiety medication. Thank you so much for your support."

"Whenever I come back to your classes I know why I'm meant to be there. It so centres me!"

"Thanks Mitch - you are an incredible teacher and you make my world a better place."

"Thank you so much for the restorative class yesterday - I really did enjoy being nurtured (spoilt??) so much. You do a wonderful job & make Yogabowl a place of such variety not only of learning, but general well-being and inner peace."

"The class was so great, the space has a nice energy, and you marry the elements really well."

"I usually do John's class on Monday nights. It's a fabulous venue and he's a really cool teacher."

"As a person who has always shivered at a any experience in a gym, I am very happy with what I have found in my practice with you & your team. For me: experience & care count!"

"A quick note to thank you ever so much for organising such a wonderful retreat. The yoga was great, the food incredible, the venue so clean & peaceful and the participants were all lovely people. You did a wonderful job for your first retreat, and will really look forward to future ones. "

"Thank you for being a part of Thompson Swimming and the Lane Cove Swim Club. The kids have enjoyed it immensely. Tanya has been fantastic."
John Thompson, Thompson Swimming.

"I've been going to John's Monday night classes most of this year, and I'm enjoying them so much. It's nice to hear he's enjoying teaching us."

"I just wanted to say thanks for yesterday’s partner class. I really enjoyed it. It was a really fun, interactive class that added another dimension to yoga."

"John teaches from a very good and well intentioned inner space and that he keeps the deeper more important aspects of Yoga alive and pesent in his classes..but without getting to heavy or pendantic about things."

"Thank you for offering the workshops - I think they are a great idea!! "

"We love the workshops. They give you greater information, which is very beneficial in managing our wellbeing overall, and we love your holisitic approach in making these possible. "

"John is a great teacher and a pleasure to listen to!"

"I finally touched my toes for the very first time in class yesterday - Wow :)"

"I love the fact that you are always looking for ways to encourage our practice, but also that you give so much of yourself to us in the class. "

"I am really enjoyng John's classes immensely. He is a great asset to your school."

"Thanks so much for YogaBowl - I do love the classes and feel so much better when I've been."

"You have chosen some great staff to work in your business for you. They're all such great teachers."

"Keep doing what you’re doing, your kindness is just what is needed. Thank you for being there for us."

"I thank you every day for yoga, my good health, my every day movements, my strength and my peace of mind. Thank you, thank you, thank you."

"Hi Mitch, I missed your class last week, I must say the other instructors are great though! Great staff choosing skills!"

"I have found the yoga a great help to my hectic life. I wonder why I didn’t do it sooner."

"I am really enjoying the experience of Yoga and it is the first time that I have actually felt at peace. I look forward to more beginner classes and to learning more moves and meanings of them. I really feel a personal touch when I attend your classes and feel like I am always taken care of, thank you for that. It can be daunting starting something brand new."

"I am so grateful to my friend for urging me to try out a class back in July this year. I thank you for the effort you make in creating such a nurturing and healing environment for all who walk through the doors and your skill and generosity in sharing spiritual-life wisdom. You are a wonderful and inspiring teacher."

"I'm really enjoying the variety and the new teachers, well done in obtaining such talented girls."

"Love love love what you do, and how you do it....you absolutely inspire me and your music lifts me to realms far beyond."

"I loved Jolie's class. She taught me how to breathe properly!"

"I love the fact that the 10 class pass never expires, I have never come across this anywhere else. Thank you."

"Thanks so much, i am getting huge benefits from Yoga."

"John and I can't tell you how much your yoga classes have made a difference in our life, while we often do different classes which mean different teachers, we love the variation this brings to our session...we can't imagine how we have lived without Yoga for so long...and the weekend or the week for that matter is not the same unless we have gone to Yoga!!!..our bodies thank you!!...see you on Saturday and keep on doing what you do so well...we are yoga groupies now!"
Judy (and John)

"I am really enjoying yoga and looking forward to each lesson of the new term. I feel it is doing me much good."

"I just wanted you to know how great the class was on Monday morning. We couldn’t get into the hall so we did it on the bowling green in the sun, it was a wonderful class."

"I thought the class was wonderful and look forward to my next session."

"I enjoyed today as always - thank you for all the effort you put into each lesson. I feel nurtured."

"How do you come up with such lovely, strong flowing sequences and make them look easy. Every Friday is different. Keep up the fabulous work we really love you."

"Awesome class last night. Loved the music and the way you really had us focusing inward. Somehow it all really connected last night. You are doing something new or there's a new 'light' about you and it worked for me even though can't quite pin point why feels different. Who cares? Lets keep it up!"

"Just a short note to say I actually quite enjoyed Cardio Yoga last night. Yet again, I'm reminded how lucky I am to have such a great yoga teacher! THANK YOU."

"Love your constant work and efforts, you always inspire me...just in case I'd forgotten to tell you in a while."

"Loved today's class - a perfect way to ease back in, thank you! >"

"I have to hand it to ya Mitch - after experiencing today - makes me realise even more you are a fabulous TEACHER and your instructions in the class are brilliant and yes we missed you!!!"

"I wasn’t too sure about yoga classes, though after a few weeks with you my body is really starting to open up and enjoy them. I am really starting to feel the difference. The main factor is of course the quality of the teachers and I am very happy with all of you and appreciate the differences. Thank you for all your efforts."

"Well done on presenting a very stimulating, beneficial and varied program."

"Thanks for an absolutely sensational class this morning- actually the vibe was so "chatty" before we began and then afterwards, no-one spoke .. just went about their business and when we/anyone round me did speak, it was like about how relaxed they/I felt.. So thank you. It was so nice."

"I’m in a yoga trance… you have magical powers! I really love coming to your yoga class, I feel like a ‘whole’ person again!"

"I wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying the classes, and let me tell you that surprises me because previously I did not enjoy yoga – so thanks very much."

"It’s amazing how your enthusiasm is reflected in your students. Thank-you for all the hands-on help. It feels so good! Thankyou for making a difference in my life!"

"I always look forward to your classes, you are really a great instructor with a real natural sense to your students' needs."

"My body loved your class, and your style was very encompassing of the entire body. I loved the rhythmic moving, like massaging muscular tension away. Such an impressive class, your students are blessed."

"I had the most wonderful session and enjoyed every second. As I stood up I heard a few people around me remark “boy that was good.” Your energy and enthusiasm rubs off on everyone and I think everyone’s feeling comfortable now. Congratulations to you for bringing such intelligence, sensitivity and humour to our bunch of yoga tragics."

"I am really enjoying my Yoga practice and feel that “the old body” is really feeling the benefits."

"I used to have this permanent twinge in my back. Since I started doing your yoga classes it’s virtually disappeared. I'm enjoying the yoga classes and really feel the benefit of going on a regular basis."

"I am so glad we have you at Yoga Bowl and I'm really looking forward to another term of energising Yoga. I always feel great after a yoga practise with you."

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