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We bring Yoga / Pilates sessions to you - at your convenience, at your premises or off-site. 
Everything from one-off sessions, to creating programs to support your requirements, and your team's work/life balance.

Working in the corporate world isn't just hard on your brain, it's hard on your body too.
Sitting all day weakens and tenses up the body, and dulls the mind. Combined with the competing demands of customers and management, and you have a recipe for frustration, inefficiency and burnout.

Our programs gently help people develop healthier bodies and sharper minds. Testimonial evidence constantly reaffirms an overall improvement in general health and quality of life. All shapes and sizes are welcomed into this non-competitive, non-threatening environment - never before beginners to experienced students.

Positively impact your staff by supporting their work/life balance.

We welcome you to try a

“You cannot believe how much more relaxed and focussed I am when I return to work after your classes. 
Thank you for bringing yoga to our workplace.” MS, Commonwealth Bank
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